Unlocking Possibilities: Top 5 PS4 Save Decrypters of 2020 for Your Gaming Adventures

Discover the 5 best PS4 save decrypters of 2020. Learn how to decrypt PS4 saves for free or with paid tools. Find out how to protect and modify your game saves.

5 Best PS4 Save Decrypter 2020 | How to decrypt PS4 saves [FREE & PAID]

5 Best PS4 Save Decrypter 2020

1. Save Wizard for PS4 MAX

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is a popular and powerful save decrypter tool for PS4. It allows users to decrypt PS4 game saves and cheat codes, enabling them to mod their favorite games for enhanced gameplay. With a vast library of supported games, Save Wizard is a top choice among PS4 gamers. (Paid)

2. Modded Save

Modded Save is a free alternative for decrypting PS4 game saves. It offers a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of PS4 game titles. While it may not have the extensive features of a paid tool, Modded Save can still help players decrypt their saves and make alterations as desired. (Free)

3. PS4 Save Mounter

PS4 Save Mounter is another free software that allows users to decrypt and mount game saves on a PC. This tool is especially useful for users who want to transfer their PS4 saves to other platforms or make modifications using external tools. PS4 Save Mounter supports decryption of various file formats. (Free)

How to decrypt PS4 saves

To decrypt PS4 saves, follow these steps:

1. Install the desired PS4 save decrypter tool on your computer or console.

2. Launch the decrypter software and locate the encrypted save file you want to decrypt.

3. Select the corresponding decrypt or mount option within the software.

4. Wait for the process to complete, and a decrypted version of your save file will be generated.

5. Access the decrypted save file and make any desired modifications or backups.