Tips for Making Friends on the Bethesda Launcher: Master the Art of Online Bonding

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How to Add Friends on Bethesda Launcher

How to Add Friends on Bethesda Launcher


Adding friends on the Bethesda Launcher allows you to connect with other players, join them in multiplayer games, and chat with them in the launcher’s messaging system. If you’re unsure how to add friends on the Bethesda Launcher, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Launch Bethesda Launcher

Start by opening the Bethesda Launcher on your computer. You can find the launcher shortcut on your desktop or in your program files. Double-click on the shortcut to open the launcher.

Step 2: Sign in to Your Account

Once the launcher is open, sign in to your Bethesda account using your email or username and password. If you don’t have a Bethesda account, you’ll need to create one in order to add friends.

Step 3: Open Friends List

After signing in, locate the “Friends” tab on the top menu of the Bethesda Launcher. Click on “Friends” to open your friends list.

Step 4: Search for Friends

In the friends list, you’ll see a search bar. To add friends, search for their Bethesda username or email address in the search bar. The results will show the matching accounts.

Step 5: Send Friend Requests

Once you find the account you want to add as a friend, click on their profile and select the option to send a friend request. The request will be sent to the selected user, and they will receive a notification.

Step 6: Accept or Decline Friend Requests

If someone sends you a friend request, you will receive a notification. To accept or decline the request, go to your friend requests section in the friends list, and choose the appropriate action for each request.

Step 7: Start Gaming Together

Once your friend request is accepted, you can start gaming together. You can join your friends in multiplayer games, invite them to play with you, and communicate through the Bethesda Launcher’s messaging system.