Discover the Essentials of Dubai Living: The Must-Know Facts (2023 Update)

Discover the essential facts about living in Dubai with our 2023 update. From fascinating insights to must-know details, explore Dubai’s unique lifestyle in just 180 characters.

Advantages of Residing in Dubai


I’ve been employed in Dubai for over two years. Before relocating to Dubai, I spent almost two years working in India. Living in Dubai has several advantages:

1. Lifestyle – Many residents in Dubai spend extravagantly, some out of choice and some to maintain their social status. However, if you live within your means, you can still lead a respectable life and save a significant portion of your income.

Hub for Various Nations

2. Hub for Various Nations – Dubai attracts people from all around the world, making English the prevalent language. You can encounter individuals from various nationalities here. Hindi and Malayalam are also widely spoken due to the large population of Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis.

Salary & Tax

3. Salary & Tax – One of the major advantages of working in Dubai is that the salaries are tax-free. You get to keep your entire income. However, there is a 5% VAT for purchasing goods or services. Some individuals may still have to pay taxes to their native countries.

Working Days

4. Working Days – The working week in Dubai is from Sunday through Thursday, unlike the traditional Monday to Friday. Some businesses also operate on Saturdays, providing additional working hours.


5. Food – Dubai offers a wide range of eateries catering to all tastes and budgets. As a vegetarian, I appreciate the variety of cuisine available here.

Workplace Culture

6. Workplace Culture – The workplace culture in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the organization and your level within it. While there may not be a significant “work from home” culture, many employers do offer flexibility in the workplace.

Strict Law and Rules

7. Strict Law and Rules – Dubai is known for its strict adherence to laws and regulations. It is a safe city where you can feel secure at any time. Even during peak hours, vehicles yield to pedestrians. While crime exists, it is minimal, largely due to the high fines and strict enforcement of the law.