How to Unlock a Contact on POF – Rediscover the Lost Connections!

To unblock someone on POF, go to the “My Matches” section, click on the “Blocked Users” tab, find the person you want to unblock, and select the “Unblock User” option. Restore connections and open doors to new possibilities effortlessly. Get back in touch with those who intrigue you on POF today!

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How to Unblock Someone on POF

How to Unblock Someone on POF


POF, or Plenty of Fish, is a popular online dating platform where users can connect with others. Sometimes, due to various reasons, you may want to block someone on POF. However, if you have had a change of heart or resolved any issues, you might want to unblock that person. Here’s how you can unblock someone on POF.

Step 1: Sign In to Your POF Account

Go to the POF website and sign in to your account using your username/email and password combination. Once logged in, you will be directed to your POF homepage.

Step 2: Access the Blocked List

In the top menu, click on the “My Profile” option. From the drop-down menu, click on “Blocked Users” to access your list of blocked users.

Step 3: Unblock the User

In the Blocked Users section, you will see a list of usernames or profile names of the individuals you have blocked. Find the person you want to unblock and click on the “Unblock User” button next to their name. A confirmation message will appear asking if you’re sure about unblocking the user. Click “Yes” or “OK” to proceed.

Step 4: Verify the User is Unblocked

After confirming the unblocking, POF will remove the user from your Blocked Users list. You can verify that the unblocking was successful by checking if the user appears in your list of contacts or by conducting a search for their profile.


Unblocking someone on POF is a simple process that requires signing in to your account, accessing the Blocked Users list, and unblocking the desired individual. Keep in mind that unblocking someone will allow them to contact you again, so make sure you are comfortable with this before proceeding.