The Ultimate Collection: 15 Must-Read Batman Comics to Immerse Yourself In!

Discover the ultimate collection of Batman comics! Get lost in gripping tales of the Dark Knight with our list of the top 15 must-reads. Unleash your inner superhero now!

Here are the best Batman comics on the internet today

Comics as an Educational Tool

Comics have always been an interesting way to educate children and tell them stories they would enjoy. One of the most popular comic book series is Batman, featuring the superhero as its protagonist. With numerous comics to choose from, here are the 15 best Batman comics of all time:

1. Batman Earth One

Written by Geoff John, Batman Earth One is a definitive Batman comic for the new generation. It retells the origin story of Batman and his attempts to fight crime in Gotham. This version of the comic served as inspiration for the Alfred character in Fox’s Gotham TV show.

2. The Joker

The Joker comic explores the twisted love the Joker has for Batman and acts as a prequel to historic events in Batman’s story.

3. Earth One vol. 2

Voted as one of the best Batman comics by critics, Earth One vol. 2 continues the story from vol. 1, featuring characters like the Riddler, Killer Croc, and a gender-bent Two-Face. It received rave reviews from critics, including Chris Terrio.

4. Batman Detective Comic

In Batman Detective Comic, Scarecrow poisons Gotham with a new toxin that makes people see the world in the best possible light, allowing him to conduct horrific experiments. Batman must navigate this utopian version of Gotham with the help of his lover, Catwoman.

5. Batman Endgame

Considered one of the best Batman comics to collect, Batman Endgame tells the story of Joker’s final attempt to bring Batman to his end. Despite criticism for the death of the superhero, it is worth reading for its fitting end.

6. The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror focuses on Dick Grayson’s time as Batman while Bruce Wayne is presumed dead. It explores the return of Gordon Jr., as well as interactions between the new Batman, Gordon, and Oracle.

7. Under the Red Hood

Under the Red Hood became famous for creating one of the most beloved Batman characters of all time and featuring a big plot twist in DC comics’ history. This comic also served as the loose inspiration for the Arkham Knight video game.

8. Hush

Hush introduces a new Batman villain with a personal history with Bruce Wayne. The comic showcases a big fight between Batman and Superman and features beautiful artwork by Jim Lee.

9. Zero Year

Zero Year spans two volumes and reimagines Batman’s early crime-fighting days in Gotham. It delves into his decision to become Batman, conflicts with the Red Hood gang, and his struggle against the Riddler’s takeover of the city.

10. Batman: Year One

Considered a true Batman classic, Batman: Year One tells the original story of the Dark Knight. It provides a gritty portrayal of Gotham City and is a fascinating addition to any comic book collection.

11. The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls spans two volumes and explores the secret society of wealthy Gothamites. This dark and gripping story by Scott Snyder features numerous twists and turns.

12. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

One of the most influential Batman stories of all time, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns showcases a monumental fight between Superman and Batman in an alternative universe. It served as inspiration for the film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

13. The Killing Joke

Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke delves into the depravity of Batman’s greatest foe, the Joker. It tells the story of the Joker’s attempt to prove that one bad day can drive even the greatest men insane.

14. The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween focuses on Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and the District Attorney’s attempt to catch a serial killer and take down the biggest crime family in Gotham. It served as inspiration for the film The Dark Knight and features a long list of Batman’s rogues gallery.

15. Batman Impossible Comic

Batman Impossible follows Damian as he sends Bruce on a trip, leaving him to patrol Gotham City as the new Batman. This hilarious comic showcases Bruce’s adventures with his own custom costume and his reunion with Damian in London.

These Batman comics provide captivating stories and iconic moments that make them must-reads for any Batman fan.